Tree-Hugging Dirt Worship


This is Ethan’s personal blog, to post about my hobbies and philosophy from within the character of a tree-hugging dirt worshiper. “Earth worshiper” sounds too pretty and abstract. Dirt is something you can go and touch, probably almost immediately.


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  1. wow, just found this! :) thanks for the article. i like your writing style. shows character & flavor! :)
    heres a follow up on whats going on at PeaceMob Gardens. The 1425 lot is gone. Because of the public support, we now have signed, notorized, stamped copies of our leases on the rest of our land in our possession. We have been approved for purchase on a few of our lots and are raising funds to make those purchases. Heres a link

    Despite this setback (1425) we are still truckin on. We only get wiser as we progress. We will not be stopped. We will never give up. Only our bodies will die, but our actions will reverberate and our idea’s expand.

    “”those who have an ability to act have a responsibility to act, and to deny this responsibility would to be worse than those who do not act due to lack of ability” -Phillip Jacks

    Comment by phillipjacks — April 22, 2012 @ 12:38 am

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