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July 10, 2013

I wasn’t raised to tolerate fascists.

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I was raised to tolerate other people’s ways and beliefs. Gay? Four wives? Believe that the mountains and lakes were created by the prankish adventures of a primal coyote? No problem.
Some people hold some pretty destructive beliefs, such as the world’s genital mutilators. Assuming that Americans were able to quit slicing on baby boys and take the moral high ground, I suppose we could send our armed forces around Africa and Arabia and lock up all of the older women who perpetuate the tradition, and shoot all the imams who preach nonsense about the clitoris, and impose new laws on all the nations. That would be a stunningly arrogant and costly approach. It’s better to extend a limited, first-do-no-harm form of tolerance.
One thing I was taught never to tolerate is fascism. Fascists are people turned monstrous, who take over governments and turn them to evil purposes, such as exterminating the Jews. They must be stopped, absolutely and in all circumstances.
Identifying fascists is like diagnosing a mental illness. The patient must be over the age of 14 and display four or more of the following symptoms:

-loyalty to nation placed above all other duties
-champions a rising elite
-believes in using brute force to crush opponents (of various ethnic, denominational, and ideological categories)
-overt favoritism for the Military-Industrial Complex and belligerent militarism.
-accepts or perpetrates fabricated threats from weaker nations
-accepts the curtailment of civil rights

This definition of “fascist” was derived from Michael Newton’s “Encyclopedia of Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories,” but you can craft your own list of identifiers from the many definitions offered on Wikipedia or elsewhere. I might add “support for corporate-government joint management of the economy” to the list. Whichever symptoms are core to your idea of fascism, compare them to the behavior of the American-Anglo “globalist” leadership.
Point by point: Since the nation is supposedly global, it represents all of humanity, and nothing could be more important than loyalty to it. “We Are the World.” On the other hand, old-fashioned jingoist flag-bumper-sticker nationalism is still appropriate during start-of-a-war pep rally time. I find our leadership confused on this point, so I will score them “negative” on this point.
The next question is, does the leadership support a rising elite? The answer is a clear “yes,” with a rising inequality of wealth even amongst the wealthiest 1%, the stocking of the White House with financiers, and the imposition of financier “technocrats” on peripheral nations.
The question of brute force can be answered with a resounding “yes.” Every police department in the USA seems to be purchasing a tank and military-style armor for their troops, and I understand that the UK is under some harsh riot-control tactics itself. They are being trained that “extremists” are enemies, but extremists are sometimes construed to include groups as broad as the militia and patriot movements, anarchists, even Catholics and Ultra-Orthodox Jews. I can tell you with 100% confidence, as an occasional demonstater and protestor, when the police are treating you as the one they’re serving and protecting, they can be really friendly and helpful. But when they see you as the enemy, they are motherfuckers, and as a group they are willing to bully, beat and torture. We need to focus on people’s actions and real violence, and not frame Islam or redneck culture or what-have-you as the enemy… that way is sure to erupt into serious violence.
Belligerent militarism, Military-Industrial Complex? Check that box for the reason of your choice — sporadic robotic missile attacks on friendly nations, rattling sabres at Iran, the scale of the military in proportion to all other government projects combined…
The US and UK (and NATO, and…) most clearly accepted a fabricated threat by going to war over an alleged Osams bin Laden – Iraq connection and Saddam Hussein’s magical disappearing Weapons of Mass Destruction. As for false flag attacks, I can do no justice here to any particular case, but submit to you that in general the terrorists seem to come from within allied nations or the ranks of last decade’s beloved freedom fighters.
This brings us to the next point of our diagnosis, the curtailment of civil rights. Civil rights are regularly being rolled back to make way for the War on Drugs. Privacy has not been protected through the transition into a Digital Age. My city is holding an election for its formal government while it is actually being run by a dictator appointed by the State, so where does that leave my right to vote?
Finally, we come to the matter of the corporatist economy… intellectual property rights extended to seed and perpetual copyright? Loans of free money to too-big-to-prosecute banks? Modernized food safety standards in the face of trans fat and GMO? Check.
Our shitty globalist empire thus displays 6 of 7 fascist symptoms, or thereabouts, subject to your own definition of fascism and your own analysis. This means that the Tories and Labour and Fox News and CNN and MSNBC and Jon Stewart are basically all upholding fascism, or they would lose their mainstream credentials and access. It is everywhere, in every person who takes on a mainstream stance. And it is the one thing I was not raised to tolerate.
I cannot unsee the fascism all around me. Now I am in a position a bit like the hardcore Christian who sees wicked Hellbound sinners everywhere. How can I learn to tolerate fascists without accomadating fascism?


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