Tree-Hugging Dirt Worship

December 12, 2012

Letter to the Lakotah

The Lakotah people live on the Great Plains of America, their rightful lands including much of the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska. They used to all live in teepees and hunt bison from horseback… The Republic of Lakotah is a new sovereign nation rejecting bogus treaties, and experimenting with a return to the matrilineal and anarchical ways of traditional Lakotah…

I just sent the group a few bucks for humanitarian aid. I have been broke most of my life and only just now feel like I have something material to give instead of taking.

The Republic inspires me to struggle for freedom, and feel like thriving instead of cowering and shuffling. I feel like freedom for whites and all the others in America depends in some way on Indians getting a fair deal.

Please keep up your work as sovereigns from the settler government, the world needs you!

Peace, love & happiness,



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