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March 7, 2012

Sky Worship

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Sometimes, from my Detroit home, I can see most of the stars of Orion or the Big Dipper. It probably helps, that vast areas of the city are depopulated or street lights don’t work. Goddess damn, I love this city.

How alienated you are from the sky is some gauge of how alienated you are from nature. For example, I sometimes watch a TV documentary about astronomy and/or old superstitions, and the question is asked, “Do the phases of the moon have an effect on human behavior?” To ask this question at all indicates some cluelessness. Go camping for a month and you will have a certain answer.

Not too long ago, Freelearner showed my on her i-Pad astronomy app how the full moon rises at sunset and sets at sunrise and the new moon rises and sets with the sun. Not only is the full moon bright, it’s out all night. On a clear night, there is light everywhere and campers can wander flashlight-less, stay up late and get into mayhem. On a new moon night, you’ve got only campfires and starlight to see by. People without electricity have to stay close to home. (The reason for the moon’s phases synching with its position on the day or night side of the Earth is really obvious once you see it. Get out two balls and a table lamp and figure it out — remember Earth turns once a day, the moon takes a month to travel around it, and watch those shadows…)

Singers, poets and other drama queens love talking about the stars. Enjoy some tunes about outer space.

Spaceman by 4 Non-Blondes — how did they know to write a personal theme song for me?

Moon in the Sky Called the Moon by B-52’s — a great live recording, but no video.

Big bonus points for referencing the Van Allen Belt in song!

See the Constellation by They Might Be Giants.

Crap, another morning wasted blogging. Time to go and slave under the accursed Day Star. May you come back as a guy made of dots and lines!



  1. very nice songs, like them!! ;)

    Comment by xandimusic — March 7, 2012 @ 6:29 pm

  2. G’Day! Dirtworship,
    Thanks for that, The bible tells us the devil has deceived the whole world, and one of his dominating deceptions comes through the celebrating of Christmas. Most of the people called Christians accept Christmas as the day Jesus was born without doing any research or referring to the bible to see if this CLAIM is really true. I have found it to be a fact that people who attend church believe in what their Pastor says even if the bible makes no reference or there is no scripture to confirm it.
    Keep up the good work

    Comment by Hypnosis Jim — March 8, 2012 @ 12:07 pm

    • You will notice that we celebrate Yule around here. The custom is to give gifts, feast, swill ale, toast the gods and family and departed, burn fires and put up a tree covered in silly lights. It marks the resurrection of the Horned God, consort of the Earth goddess. Yule and Christmas have both been subject to rescheduling over history, usually so that Christians and Pagans can celebrate together. I’m not sure how Satan would score any souls by moving Christmas around.
      I assume you are a ‘bot, Hypnosis Jim, since you are so far off topic. Let me know what you were thinking, otherwise.

      Comment by paragardener — March 8, 2012 @ 3:36 pm

  3. I remember learning from 19th century novels that major events (weddings, balls, etc) often had to be scheduled for full moons, in the hopes that this would help guests travel to and from the event. A few days or a week before or after the full moon might be okay, but you wouldn’t want to schedule a ball for the new moon because it could be perilous to carriages / horses who might run off the road.

    Modern tech is pretty amazing when it comes to education… there’s the astronomy app with its videos, and the many science & history videos on Netflix, and the molecules app on the iPad, etc etc. Beats school textbooks all to hell.


    Comment by freelearner — March 9, 2012 @ 5:24 am

    • I can’t contest the value of the new videos and software, but I’m still flabbergasted that I never picked up the relation between lunar phase and the timing of the moon’s sky transit before the iPad. Lamps and balls? Eyes?

      In light of the relationship between phase of the moon and party planning, lunar calendars make a lot more sense. Our current calendar is as well put together as a qwerty keyboard — the months are just arbitrary, sept-ember is month 9, the equinoxes and solstices drift… so synching lunar months to a solar year doesn’t seem like such a big drag.

      Comment by paragardener — March 12, 2012 @ 4:20 pm

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