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January 22, 2012

Finally, a Candidate worth Wasting my Vote on.

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Lately I’ve been watching the cable news networks, thinking that a little passive absorption of infotainment would keep me informed in a very general way. Like, I hate it when I realize that everyone’s been talking about an earthquake or a hurricane or a war almost breaking out for the last week, and I was going about my life all oblivious.

When I tune in, though, it’s nothing but the Republican primaries over and over. “Romney said a jackass thing last night at a fundraiser. Gingrich piled onto Romney this morning with petulant comments. Whose advantage will it play to?” When I get into political discussions with friends lately, I tend to twist the topic into the race for Presidency. It goes against all evidence, which suggests one President is the same as the next (to do: start a war without Congress’s say-so, enhance police powers, grant Wall Street’s every whimsical request, rearrange the hoops educators must jump through to get Federal funding…).

It depresses me, to find myself pondering questions like: would I vote for Adolph Hitler or Ghengis Khan? Some pushy character would surely get in my face: “Every patriotic American must vote for Adolph Hitler — his record is slightly less violent than Ghengis Khan’s! If you don’t vote for Hitler, it’s like you’re giving up on democracy! How could you just throw away the precious, precious vote our forefathers fought and died for?”

What is the bare minimum of acceptability for a President? It’s unlikely that I’ll get a candidate who agrees with me on economic policy, imperial policy (aka foreign policy), gun control, abortion, marijuana, environmental protections, the best Federal holidays, etc, etc. I’m not looking for perfection here. I’m thinking: at the least, a President should not make problems worse for the country as a whole. Otherwise, voting for them is also making things worse.

Mainstream Republicans are right out for me, because they support imposing Christian laws on this land. They stand against everything that is right and good and cool about America.

If Ron Paul hangs in there, I might actually consider that guy. I’ve noticed that most of the attacks on him are actually attacks on the douchebag who wrote his newsletter, or some crazy supporter who supports the death penalty for gays, and this makes me think: Paul must be a really clean player and a gentleman if the media can’t really disparage him, himself. He actually stands up to banker central control of our economy. However, can he really cut $1 trillion from the budget and not hurt the rest of the economy? Would restoring Constitutional federalism have unacceptable side effects for women and minorities? I’ll have to consider those questions, if the dude can stay in the race long enough for me to get a vote on the matter.

Now Obama. Obama has supported an escalation of attacks on medical marijuana, started a foreign war, and bailed out the bankers ($10 trillion?) while offering us nothing but some coupons for energy efficient windows and a mandate to buy our own health insurance. He’s thoroughly demonstrated that he is worthless to the 99%. By turning a blind eye to Wall Street’s orgy of looting, Obama has shown that he is, in fact, bad for the country as a whole, and I would no more vote for him than Ghengis Khan.

I could abstain from voting. Since government has no respect for people’s rights, and government is selected by election, by voting I’m participating in the stripping of my fellow citizens’ rights. Unfortunately, non-voters are counted as “apathetic,” people so lazily squashed onto their couch that they could care less what is going on in the outside world. The solution is the protest vote – a vote wasted on someone who could never in a million years win. It counts as participation, without supporting the illusion that “we the people” actually want the leadership of either Hitler or Ghengis.

So, it looks like a vote for Vermin Supreme.

And remember- a vote for Vermin Supreme is a vote completely thrown away!



  1. If I had to choose between Hitler and Genghis Khan, I would choose Canada or Sweden and leave! This blog is very well written and I’m glad to Ron Paul supporter who isn’t completely obsessed with the campaign. The way I see it, Ron Paul’s federalism would be great for some, horrible for others. For example, Alabama (the most conservative state I can think of) vs Vermont (the most liberal state I can think of). It seems like women and minorities in Alabama would be screwed, while women and minorities in Vermont would get the treatment the rest of America deserves. There’s something incredibly wrong with that, and although Ron Paul is an intelligent, charismatic candidate that certainly blows the mainstream republicans out of the water, I couldn’t vote for him over Obama. Right now Obama has an election to focus on — unfortunately we don’t have a one 6yr term — but once he is able to win this election he will be able to put more emphasis on the 99%. Right now he doesn’t want to scare away the moderates, who are currently being scared away by Newt. As for the future of Obama’s candidacy, as long as Mitt doesn’t win the primary and suck up the moderates, he’s got it. I wouldn’t hate it if Ron Paul won the primary, unfortunately he will never have enough supporters. Mr.Supreme on the other hand seems like a perfect fit for our nation.

    Comment by benfarmer1 — January 22, 2012 @ 7:35 pm

  2. Not that my two cents will matter, but Paul is, well, a crappy candidate. In addition to his racism–I’m sorry, those newsletters went out in his name–he is antiabortion AND anticontraception. He thinks human life begins at conception. This is a very anti-woman stance. I think that a mother with already born children has a life more worth preserving than a blastocyst. I mean, he can see his way clear to prosecuting women as criminals for having abortions.

    He wants to do away with birthright citizenship.

    He wants to eliminate the EPA. He actually believes that there should be no environmental regulation AT ALL! He wants to eliminate all restrictions on drilling for oil. He wants to eliminate the gas tax that pays for our roads. He also believes that climate change is a gigantic hoax.

    He is also a known homophobe.

    His obsession with the national debt is also not good for us. On his site, I read that he doesn’t want Social Security to go away … but actually, he has said many times that social Security and medicare are unconstitutional. I have had many family members that were helped to a long life by these policies, and i don’t like Paul’s stance against them. I’m sorry, this dude is one clueless fuck.

    Being just a little less fucked up than the next guy doesn’t necessarily make you somebody to vote for. Paul has a lot of very, very bad ideas. Just because he’s for mj decriminalization and doesn’t like the Fed doesn’t make him a great choice.

    Comment by estraven — January 22, 2012 @ 8:16 pm

  3. I didn’t think that my failure to condemn Ron Paul at this time would be taken as support! I was only saying I would consider him if I got the opportunity to vote for him — consider as in “look at him thoroughly and decide then.” Getting the opportunity to cast such a vote is a long shot, since I won’t be voting in the Republican primary (must choose Dem side, as local candidates ’round these parts are overwhelmingly Democratic.)

    If I am to throw my vote away on a candidate who’s losing for certain, I’m going to throw it away on someone more exciting than Paul!

    Comment by paragardener — January 22, 2012 @ 10:20 pm

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