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September 11, 2011

Resist with Silence

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If you are arrested, you know that you have the right to silence, and for gods’ sake use it — keep your mouth shut! Anything you do or say can and will be twisted and used against you. Anyone who likes the Bill of Rights needs to know how to actually use their rights, since police generally try to get suspects to waive all of their pesky rights. It creates an atmosphere where our rights really don’t matter, and those who want to keep their rights are seen as criminals hiding something. Let’s all train to use our rights and perhaps we can become a free people. Check out Flex Your Rights for starters.

If a possible debt collector calls, don’t admit that it’s you on the phone! Debt collectors don’t serve much of a purpose, since they don’t really send paid-off debt money back to the creditors. When you pay them, as is sometimes necessary, you are only encouraging their harassing and parasitic ways. So, give them no information about yourself. Ask them who is calling, on behalf of what debt collector, what is their address, and how much do they claim you owe to whom? Ask them to send you a written letter, and assume that a legit debt collector already has your address. “Thank you kindly, ma’am, –click-.” Then learn what to do next from more authoritative sources.

So resist debt collectors and cops with silence. The most fun in resistance, though, comes from outrageous lying. When you answer a marketing poll, you are spilling insights about your psychology to people who only want to exploit your weaknesses to sell you things that won’t really improve your way of living. So lie about who you are (I’m usually an aeronautics executive making over $500,000 a year), and what you think of their product (I would use Fabreeze on my pet monkey).

Once upon a time, I went with my high school buddies to focus-group a new pilot show coming out… the show was clearly a relic of the early 1980’s, but there were some exciting ads for sandwich-sized cheese slices and, yes, Fabreeze, which no one had yet seen! We chuckled throughout, trying not to offend the very old people in the audience who were actually moved by Michael Landon’s old failure of a half-hour drama. We all wrote down sarcastic answers to the poll questions, yet, a month later, we all got calls back regarding our opinions of those ads! This suggests that the marketing pollsters have no way of sorting out the outrageous responses. Lie to marketers, spread the idea of lying to marketers, and we should get to see some pretty interesting ads in the future!

The predators in society use your information to better exploit you, so resist them with silence and misdirection.


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