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May 8, 2011

Good Cop, Bad Cop

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Every teevee viewer is familiar with the good cop / bad cop routine. The bad cop threatens you with beatings and prison rape, then the good cop brings you a cup of coffee and tells the bad cop to calm down. “Just tell me everything you know and I’ll help get you the best deal I can. Otherwise, there’s nothing I can do for you.” Of course, the good cop isn’t really your friend: this is all just an act to trick you into incriminating yourself or your friends. It works best on people who are frightened and exhausted.

The two party system gives us all the freedom of a detainee in interrogation. The Democrats are the good cops: they’ll defend the bitty checks the government writes out to help people make ends meet, and defend you as a teen mom, minority, gay or part of some other picked-on group (up to a point.) Some people like the bad cop, the Republican party. Republicans go after those weak, picked-on groups, so that the tough and righteous can thrive. Mind you, lots of voters are masochists who just like to take a beating from the R’s.

Does either party have your best interests at heart? It seems as if, in lieu of confessions, the D’s and R’s need the consent of the governed. Without that, this country would just be a dictatorship with far fewer positions for pollsters, fundraisers and actor-politicians. Your vote signifies that you buy into the system, granting legitimacy to the government. Your non-vote will never be understood as a protest, but only as a signal of apathy or even your happiness with the status quo. Meanwhile, both parties are serving the big jailer: the money power of about 400 families, whose collective wealth and power outweighs everything held by Americans in the bottom half. Witness how money wizards like Bernanke and Greenspan are kept on by both Democratic and Republican presidents. Witness how Congress creatures of both parties obediently vote for every war as the media amplify propaganda for it — a seamless action, obviously coordinated through channels other than the official, transparent, democratic ones.

My own tactic for dealing with the two-party system is to vote against it every chance I get. Sometimes the threat of bad cops in office is too great to ignore, so I hold my nose and vote for the good cop. The rest of the time I “throw my vote away” on third-party candidates, who, to date, never win — however, my wasted vote is not counted as apathetic acceptance. Whichever tactic you might choose, do not be fooled into believing that one of the major parties represents your interests, or that the differences between parties outweigh their common cause!



  1. You said it. This system stinks to high heaven.

    Comment by estraven — May 8, 2011 @ 3:25 pm

  2. Some Republicans are not the thugs I have painted, but are ideologically hung up on the free market. That makes a bit of sense, since we should be free, and “the market” is a huge part of our lives. So you can see D’s as the bad cop, always loudly getting in the way of your market freedom… but don’t expect the R’s to give you that freedom. They’re working for corporate clients “too big to fail,” basically making sure that there is little to no space in the market for guys like you and me, and that only insiders will be allowed to make big bucks on Wall Street.

    Comment by paragardener — May 11, 2011 @ 5:49 pm

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