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April 6, 2011

Revolutionary acts to commit in a consumer culture

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-grow something for your own use (not to meet the Front Lawn Standard)
-repair old clothing
-sing a song
-hunt for food
-go on a walk
-ferment something
-take care of a child, very old person, a disabled or sick person (but not because it’s your job)
-make your own clothes
-instigate a pick-up sports match
-make your own jewelry
-learn how to repair something
-trade haircuts instead of paying a barber/hairdresser

Whenever you do anything for yourself, you make a tophat-and-monacle-wearing kleptomaniacal sociopathic CEO cry
over his lost market share. Political leaders and experts of all types go apoplectic at the wild, unvetted memes
you may release into the ideosphere. If a an entire community can do for their collective self, governments and
corporations will not even be needed or wanted there.

Also, this list includes a good piece of the list of things to do to get ready for the coming time of living with no money…


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  1. Totally love this. As you know, we do grow food and cook; James cuts my hair (I hate hair salons); he also knows how to repair all kinds of stuff; we have fermented things; I sing much of the time that I’m alone … We don’t hunt–YET! We may, though, at some point. And I can’t sew and don’t want to–it makes me crazy, too detailed and requires a kind of patience I seem to lack. Guess I’ll have to use the barter system for such! But yeah, the more we can rely on ourselves, the better. Hmmm … think I’ll go for a walk …

    Comment by estraven — April 15, 2011 @ 5:49 pm

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